The Worlds Best Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwhich

  • Cook Time 5 minutes
  • Difficulty level Easy


The first step to making the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not what you think. When creating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich it's not just about being fast at making something stuff your face. It's about maximizing the taste you can get out of something as simple as a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

Over the last few decades I've been perfecting this process. It simple and stupid, but what I've done, is elevate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich towhole different level. I've down this slowly, but surely throughout my life. I've tried different breads, jelly's, and peanutbutters. I've tried toasted buns, and even tried to make my own peanutbutter. Low and behold, all of that researched uncovered mainstream ingredients are the key to success. and I've done that by slowly but Shirley you know trying different sorts of styles and breads and Jaylee's in and peanut butters and basically how to put it together now in order to do this a shocker you need three key ingredient do you need bread you need jelly and you need peanut butter and milk sorry for for Cg Cg ingredients to do this to step one OK first ingredients so the ingredients are one potato Brett

Tools needed
  • Butter knife

  • Paper towel

  • 20 oz. glass mug

  • WholeMilk: You can get away with 2%, but anything else is for skinny people.

  • Welch's Grape Jelly: You may be asking yourself, why so basic? That's because, it's freaking delicious. It's full of sugar and bad things, but we're not eating this to get skinny were eating it because it's freaking delicious.

  • Jiff Creamy Peanutbutter: Not the crunchy, or the low-fat, or the low-sodium. None of that stuff. You need creamy, good ol' all American, Jiff peanut butter.

  • Martins potatoe Bread: Anything else is completely irrelevant, don't even bother

  1. Step one has nothing to do with the sandwhich. Before you do anything, grab a tall glass, pour your milk into it, and put it in the freezer. You'll thank me later.

  2. Grab the bread, knife, jelly, and begin spreading. They key here is even distrubution. That's why we like using a knife. You can use it to cut through the jelly while it's on the bread, making it easier to distribute. The greatest trick of all, is how to the jelly all of the way up to the edges. Keep a little jelly on one side of th knife, hold it at a 45 degree angle, and whipe the blade. This will bring the jelly all of the way up to the edge. Make sure you at least have a 1/4 inches worth of jelly.

  3. At this point, you probably have jelly remains on the knive. Use the other piece of bread to whipe the jelly. Then, using the same spreading methods, spread the peanutbutter on the other slide of bread... Make sure it's also at least a 1/4 inches worth.

  4. How you eat the sandwhich is important. From here, it's best to eat the edges first, leaving one bite that barely fits in your mouth.

  5. With that last bite, the peanutbutter should be sticking to the roof of your mouth. Right at the moment you think you're going to choke, grab that glass of milk, and chug it down.


For those out there who really aren't about the food, you may think this is stupid. However, I highly suggest you try it. The moment you was down that sandwhich with an extra cold glass of milk, you an thank me.

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