My Go-to's for gym motivation

We live in the absolute best time to be alive. We have the opportunity to literally learn from hundreds of millions of other people with this thing called the internet. Obviously not all of those people lift weights, but you get it… lots of good info out there. Here is just a list of channels and people I follow for education and inspiration.

CT Fletcher

This guy is so intense, it’s unbelievable. He’s someone every weightlifter should look up to, and has a great story about reaching goals and not giving up. To me, you can not step in a gym without knowing his story.

Lauren Fisher

World class CrossFit athlete dropping gems and building a separate company to help something she believes is important

Jay Cutler

He put out a lifestyle series on what it takes to be a professional body builder. It’s just ridiculous and hammers home how much it takes to be world class.

Mike Rashid

This guy is just off the chain. He is also a boxer, and entrepreneur. Found him a while ago. He puts out a ton of great videos, but this is one of my favorites because he talks about pushing through and how you should think about overtraining.

Josh Briggs

Another CrossFit athlete, who has gems. He’s great for garage workout people who just need to get in and get after it. A ton of great videos.

Jockowillink on Instagram

nut bag about getting up early but has a good approach to making use of your time

Davidgoggins on Instagram

great motivator and a great story.

Dwayne Johnson

This guy is a legend we all know. Find him on social and YouTube and watch it all.

Rhonda Patrick

How I found out about intermittent fasting

Supple Leopard

This guy is a mobility legend.. also a doctor and rehab guy… if you have form issues, start here