Garage Gym Basic Equipment

With this list, my goal here is to spend as little money as possible for decent equipment. For some items, unless you own a gym, or are lifting really heavy weight (which is not most of us), you can get away with getting equipment that won’t be as nice, but will help you save a bit of money. If you end up squatting 400+ lbs, then yes, you will need a Rougue cage. But until then, save yourself some money. Don’t get me wrong, some items I would recommend you get that are high quality, just not most.

Platform - $100

This is the foundation. The floor to your temple. With some lumber and rubber, you can make one of these yourself and save a lot of money.

Squat rack - $329

I personally have this collapsable squat rack. It's great for the price. and holds up to 1,100lbs. Titan Fitness

Rogue bar - $265

Now, this is the item I'll spend money on. It's like your sword. Rogue Fitness

Plates - $389

Again, I'll go with Rough. Trolling craigslist is a great way to find plates at a decent price. Slammin plats and getting dates


Troll Craigslist or YouTube. You can get away with the walmart ones to start.

Bench Press - $60

Simple and reliable. Amazon

Pulley system for Rack - $51

Can't have a good arm day without pulley's. Titan Fitness Againw

Jump Rope - $17

Amazon again,


This list could go on forever. Medicine balls, bands, rollers, etc. However, just getting something to start is what matters. It sounds expensive up front, but if you calculate how much you spend on a gym membership, this list will pay for itself in under two years. If you fall in love with garage gyms like I did, you'll make fitness habbitual, and not that "thing you have to go down."