We know what the problem is in this country, and we know how to fix it...

We’re all aware that obesity is a killer. Most Americans even know how to fix it! We all need to eat right and do some form of exercise, right?However, not a lot of people talk about the real problem - there is too much good food in this country!

It’s time to admit who you are, and admit who you will never be.

Most tv fitness programs out there brag about a 20 minute session each day, with some weird contraption that does nothing for you. On the other side, there are actual professional fitness folks sharing great advice online. They are sharing great content about how to get in great shape, and will likely tell you to only eat meat and veggies to lose weight.

The problem is, it’s not sustainable. Those folks are in the gym 2 hours a day, working their butts off to achieve a goal that’s dedicated to fitness. They also have exteme discipline, and are willing to only eat lettuce, brown rice. and chicken for six days. Surprise folks, you’re not them. And 90% of you do not have that discipline.

By no means am trying to bash fitness professionals, or tell you that it’s impossible to have that much discipline… but the reality is you probably won’t.

My goal is to present a more realistic plan that allows you to be in shape, and eat what you want on more than 1 day a week. This free program includes a diet plan and workout plan. It's presented as a starting point. However, all of our clients have had different starting points and goals. Our mission is to find out who you are, and help you create an at-home gym and program that's scalable.

It's time to invest in your home gym

You claim that you "need" certain equipment. I get it, I was a gym rat for 2 decades. What changed for me was saving the time. It means more time with your family and other important things. It means shorter, and higher intensity workouts. No, you won't look like a body builder. But, you won't look like a slouch either.

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