The Program

When to lift

As mentioned before, we think this program is pretty legit. This is a strength program that focuses on the 6 main compound lifts (sometimes known as powerlifts), making this a 6 day per week program. The tracking part of the app allows you to track 8 lifts.

Much like our diet plan, we split lifting days into 2 categories, rep day and power day. On Rep day, you should focus on multiple sets, with reps upward of 30. On power day, you should focus on multiple sets, with reps below 5.

Each week, you alternate what days are rep days and what days are power days. Meaning on week 1, day 1, 3, and 5 will be rep days, and day 2, 4, and 6 will be power days. Then on week 2, day 1, 3, and 5 will be power days, and day 2, 4, and 6 will be rep days.

The first lift of the day will always be a power lift. After your powerlift, you will do some secondary work that targets the same muscles used on that power lift. For all secondary work, you should be doing a superset. That means, picking two exercises, and going back and forth between the two without stopping.

What to lift

Day 1 - High pulls and tricep focus

Clean and Jerk (power)

Pull ups (superset 1)

Skull Crushers (superset 1)

Lat Pullldown (superset 2)

Rope Extension (superset 2)

Single Arm Pulldown (superset 3)

Single Arm Tri-extension (superset 3)

Day 2 - Quads and abs focus

Squat (power)

Dumbbell lunges (superset 1)

Leg raises from pullup (superset 1)

Leg Extensions (superset 2)

Crunches (superset 2)

Leg press (superset 3)

Medicine ball russian twist (superset 3)

Day 3 - Chest and bi’s focus

Flat Bench (power)

Dumbbell bench (superset 1)

Seated Hammer Curls (superset 1)

Dumbbell Fly (superset 2)

Dumbbell Curls (superset 2)

Pushups (superset 3)

Standing preacher curls (superset 3)

Day 4 - Hamstrings and lower back focus

Deadlift (power)

Leg Curls (superset 1)

Good Mornings (superset 1)

Straight Leg Deadlift (superset 2)

Supermans (superset 2)

Day 5 - Shoulder and calves focus

Push Press (power)

Calve Raises (superset 1)

Military Press Behind Head (superset 1)

Seated Calve Raises (superset 2)

Dumbbell press (superset 2)

Front-raises (superset 3)

Standing Calve Raises (superset 3)

Shrugs (superset 4)

Side Raises (superset 4)

Day 6 - Mobility and cardio focus

Snatch (power)

Cardio - run, bike, hike, row, whatever.

Note: This is a good day to practice things you can’t do.

This may sound basic, so feel free to switch things up however you like.

Also, there are hundreds of workouts and better plans out there that talk about reps, percentages of your max, blah, blah, blah. Our mentality is, every time we pick something, we lift it as many times as we can - regardless if it’s a rep day or heavy day. You can start light and build up weight or you can stay consistent with weight, whatever works. Just keep cranking out reps.

The biggest rule - keep lifting until you can’t lift any more... and the moment you hit that wall, tell yourself you still have more in the tank, and get a few more reps in. You've heard it a million times before from atheletes worldwide - one very important thing when it comes to training. When your body tells you to stop, and you keep going, that’s when you will see improvements. Heck, the Navy SEAL’s believe it’s upwards of 40%. Imagine how much you will improve if you can just give 10% more each time?

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