Dad Bod Specialists

We believe that eating delicious food is more important than having a six pack...but we also believe it's important to stay healthy. That's why we've created FlatPig

The workout program and lifestyle that maximizes the ability to eat and drink whatever you want.

Track what matters

The FlatPig app gives you the ability to track 8 compound lifts. Our next release, scheduled to go out late 2017, will include much more. For now, focus on getting stronger.


That moment when you realize your back might snap


So sore, every time you sit on the toilet, your legs shake


For that moment you get trapped underneith a car

Power Clean

Just in case you get in a fight with a bear

Push Press

When your legs are tired, but you still need to powerlift

Clean and Jerk

Just in case you need to put something heavy on the top shelf

Front Squat

This is a good time to bring your LifeAlter to the gym


A lift to remind you what not to be

The real reason why you need this app

Although we like to joke, this program is legit. If you're serious about strength training without giving up your love for food, you're in the right place.

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Learn more about our mission

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Find out what it takes to be a FlatPig

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How to get a perfect dad-bod

Cheat meals - what we're really about

Check out our blog, where we post epic cheat meals shared by world class athletes.

Cheat meal APRIL 20, 2017

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The worlds best peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich

The first step to making the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not what you think


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